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Hand sanitiser

Why regular antibacterial hand sanitiser isn’t all that good for you

Take it from me (a germaphobe and antibacterial hand sanitiser addict), those regular bottles of antibac gels aren’t doing anything to clean up your health. In fact, they’re doing quite the opposite. Last month, a manifesto from the Environmental Health Perspective announced that the two main components of most mainstream antibacterial sanitising gels are triclosan…

Kjaer Weis

Why Chic Conservationists Need To Get To Know Make-up Brand Kjaer Weis

Just when I thought the Danes couldn’t be any more perfect (cinnamon danishes give me life), I learn of organic make-up brand Kjaer Weis. (That’s pronounced “kay-er wice” BTW.) Organic make-up in sleek silver compacts that you buy once and then buy refills for? Genius. Think eye shadows, blushers, lipsticks, mascara, foundation, bronzer and highlighter…

Naturally Tribal

Meet Naturally Tribal, An All-Natural Skincare Brand That Helps African Women

Ahhh, the love I have for effective natural skincare brands that give back knows no end. I will shamelessly plug them. You need to know about Naturally Tribal, people! Naturally Tribal Naturally Tribal, like a lot of natural skincare brands, was created out of necessity. After months of trying lotions to help her baby son’s…

Organic Skincare Gift

The Ultimate Organic Skincare Gift Box by Green People

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Green People developed two new special edition ranges. You already know about their rose infused collection but now that they are available in gorgeous organic skincare gift boxes it’s time to have a look at their orange blossom range. I talk about Green People A LOT because I trust them 100%. And I’m…