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natural winter skin saviours 1

Natural Winter Skin Saviours: How I Keep My Skin Happy and Hydrated

Freezing temperatures, harsh winds and central heating is a recipe for dry, flaky skin and a dull complexion. And since it’s not socially acceptable to hibernate until Spring (boooo…), I’ve got my faithful natural winter skin saviours to get me through. These products restore my skin back to its pre-winter soft and radiant self. My Natural Winter Skin…

Microbeads have FINALLY been banned here in the UK. Here’s what to use instead

I’m not down with how the United States doesn’t protect their people from nasty chemicals. They allow hundreds of ingredients into cosmetics that the EU has banned like a boss. But they were way ahead of us when it came to microbeads. While banned in the US, us Britons found these tiny pieces of plastic…

New Year's Resolutions

The New Year’s Resolutions I’ve Made That Will Help Make The World A Better Place

The first day of the year brings with it all the New Year’s Resolutions we make to improve ourselves and our lives. But what if, instead, we resolve to improve other people’s lives? It’s easy to feel like we could never make a dent in the world but we really do with every choice we make.…