You’re probably wondering what we’re like and you’re probably picturing two holistic hippies, right? We don’t blame you. The words healthy, organic and natural get a bad, boring rep.

And although eating well has become mainstream, no one is really talking about what we’re using every day on our skin, on our hair, or to clean our homes. Well, now we are. We’re two sisters, living in London, in our late twenties and early thirties respectively. We like Noughties hip hop, we love to eat the occasional McDonald’s, we drink wine a lot  (but go organic, it costs the same, tastes better and without as many sulphites/preservatives, your hangover the next day is basically halved) and we like clothes, contouring and all the normal shit you’d expect Millennial women to care about.

Welcome to our journey of making considered choices about what we consume in the beauty and lifestyle market without compromising on quality. #woke


Ariane and Delphine