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I have the kind of skin which is somehow dry and flaky yet greasy AND oily at the same time – so I’ve never been able to wear foundation. It just cakes over me and looks really obvious that I’m wearing it. So, I’ve always opted out.

But, I still want that airbrushed finish, especially for my December party looks.

My trick? Concealer, baby!

Although I strive for eight hours sleep a night, the reality is that I stay up doing things like learning how to make this botch Photoshop collage you see above you. I’m often awake well until midnight faffing around, finding tasks that can definitely wait until the morning, if not, the weekend. This all results in me carrying around some serious [eye] baggage.

So, the first thing I do on a no make-up make-up day, is use my trusty Jane Iredale active light under-eye concealer (£25), it’s the touch éclat of natural make-up and I’m obsessed. It doesn’t only make me look like I got my full eight hours, it makes me look like I’ve caught up on sleep for days.

I rub it gently under my eyes using my fingers and I’ll apply some under my brow bone for that natural highlight kind of look, too. I sometimes apply some down my nose bridge and on my cupid’s bow, too.

Then, my latest obsession is using Benecos’ natural concealer (£.6.95) and putting it around the sides of my nostrils before using my EcoTools correcting concealer brush (£4.99) to blend it in. And it immediately gives me that FaceTuned kind of look without even using the app.

It basically blends my nose in so there are no harsh shadows over my face. The finishing touch? Green People’s pressed powder (£21) all over 👌. Romeo done.


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