Ethical Shopping

Women control 70-80% of all consumer purchasing. That means you and I, from stay at home mums to CEOs can change the world one ethical shopping choice at a time. Do you understand? Whether it is £1 or £1000, money talks so we should make sure that our money is saying that we want human beings looked after and the environment and animals protected.

I am so passionate about this because remaining uneducated about where your money goes means that you are saying you don’t care that a person died for your t-shirt. You are saying that you support the destruction of our world. You are saying yes, go ahead and torture that fluffy bunny.

I know that sounds incredibly harsh but in a world where we have so much truth available to us in our pockets via our phones, we can no longer be ignorant to such things.

Ethical Shopping

Ethical Shopping 2

So how can you make sure you’re making good choices? Research! It will take a few minutes each time you google a company but once you find brands you know you can trust, they can become your go to. For example, Green People score 100 on The Good Shopping Guide’s Skincare Ethical Comparison and I use everything of theirs from their gradual face tanner to their lip and eye line eraser. You can see the full list below. I personally don’t use a few of the brands as I don’t like their ingredients (Lush, The Body Shop and L’Occitane) but you know that about me already 🙂

Ethical Shopping Skincare

The Good Shopping Guide has lists for ethical fashion, banks, energy – pretty much everything – and is a great starting point. Shopping local and/or at small businesses is also a pretty safe way to ensure your money is going where you want it to go.

I’d recommend researching every company before you buy. I recently came across a natural brand that I wanted to try but found an article by a previous employee about how badly the founder treated their team. That’s not the kind of person I want my money to go to.

Please don’t think that every choice I make is perfectly ethical. It’s not. This is a relatively new journey for me. Last year I started by moving my money out of banks (I don’t want my money to fund weapons and porn, thank you very much) and into more ethical building societies. This year I’ve decided to only buy organic cotton. Even one seemingly insignificant choice will make a difference when half the population are making it.

Don’t underestimate the power of YOU.



One thought on “Ethical Shopping: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of A Woman”

  1. Hi Ariane,

    Thank you for this post. It’s super empowering and was the motivating push I needed. We need more voices like yours spreading this message.

    Please can you do another post about your advice for moving money out of banks, plus where you buy your organic cotton clothes from?

    Sharna x

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