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I am now officially enrolled for the Formula Botanica Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, eek! Launching my own organic skincare line has been a dream of mine for a while now so it feels great to be starting this journey and that I get to share it with all of you.

Formula Botanica Review

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The course starts off with the basics of skin anatomy and physiology and works up to formulating your own organic skincare products. I am going to learn how to do everything needed to start my own skincare line from how to blend essential oils to the legal aspects of making and selling my own range.

It is a self-study programme so my self-discipline muscles will be getting a proper workout. I’ve been told the course typically takes between 3-6 months to complete if I study one day a week but we are given two years to complete it. The course consists of formulation videos, lectures, course notes, games, and much, much more. There is tutor support in their eLearning platform and access to their online classroom on Facebook. I’ll also have access to live tutor chats, formulation challenges and lots of bonus material in their online student library.

Previous Graduates #Inspiration

Over 2,000 students around the world have taken this course so this is by no means an exhaustive list. I’ve chosen three brands that I started using before I knew they were founded by Formula Botanica graduates.

BYBI Beauty

I first met Dominika and Elsie in October 2016 when I attended their Superfood Serum Masterclass. Since then they’ve released a book, launched their luxury skincare line, BYBI Beauty, and established Clean Beauty Collection as a destination for all things clean beauty. I use all their products on the regular and was thrilled when they asked me to talk about their Supercharge Serum. It really is super and I look particularly beautiful in the video still, I know… Press play. Quickly.


I am a massive fan of Kypwell’s Anti-Cellulite & Firming Body Emulsion. Founded by Inna Orlova, Kypwell is way more than just a skincare brand. The brand was inspired by the healing power of the herbs and plants of Cyprus, as well as seeking to promote the Mediterranean island’s traditional values. The brand also runs a wellbeing club, which is a holistic centre offering personalised solutions for the body and mind.


As someone who keeps most of her creams in the fridge as well as her face massager and eye roller, I was obviously veeeery attracted by Jalue’s Ice Therapy. The Ice Therapy, which harnesses ancient understandings of the healing power of herbs and contemporary application of cryotherapy, was inspired by a Russian tradition that dates back to the 18th Century and Catherine the Great. The power of ice is real!

And so it begins…

Studying with Formula Botanica is more than just an online course for me. It’s about immersing myself further in the Clean Beauty Movement. I can’t wait to become more informed, crazily inspired and surrounded by a tribe of clean beauty warriors.

I will be keeping you updated on my progress. My goal is to complete the course well within 6 months so you are now officially my accountability partners. If you would like to join me, enrolment for the 2018 term runs from the 16th – 23rd January here.

Hope to see you there!

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