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When you’re thinking about make-up that really lasts, who do you think of? Make-up artists who work on shoots and weddings, yes, but what about people who work in the TV and film industry?

Think about it. You need to have make-up that’ll stand the test of bright lights, hours of stressful working and still look #flawless.

So when I heard about the brand Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, whose founder, Jane, used to work in film, theatre and television in the US (working with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Susan Sarandon), I was convinced she’d know what she was talking about. Oh, and she also won an Emmy and was nominated for a Tony Award.

Having worked with models and actresses for years, Jane became concerned over how many repeated applications of heavy make-up they were having to endure. So, in 1994, she founded her own make-up brand after years of working in show business and a life-time love of organic foods, the environment and natural products.

With the pressure mounting for performers to have a clear complexion, Jane researched skin disorders and sensitivities and developed a beauty range based on micronised minerals made without fillers like talc and without chemical dyes or synthetic preservatives such as parabens and formaldehyde.

She doesn’t believe in ‘green washing’ and sincerely wants to heighten the level of consciousness about a planet in trouble.

I caught up with Jane to talk about make-up trends before trying out her stuff myself (I chose to try sans mascara and eye liner). The verdict? I’m kinda digging this natural look.

What make-up looks will be popular this year?
In a world defined by an obsession with perfecting the selfie, professionals are running with that but creating looks that don’t translate easily to every-day lives. The popular messy-eye look probably doesn’t help your credibility at the office. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for both. It’s the job of the professional makeup artist to push creativity because out of that comes discovery. Meanwhile, the selfie-obsessed will get very adept at converting their ‘day’ look into modern art.

“The consumer is weighing all aspects of brands because she likes to buy from brands she aligns with.”

What beauty trends are you looking forward to?
If we look at what’s happening on the runway, it’s all about pushing the boundaries: imperfect lines (punk and smeared); underlining the lower lids with colour; colour blocking and lid crease designs; pink, pink and more pink; the demise of matte and the resurgence of gloss; highlighting because a glow is youthful. How much of this will translate to a wearable, every-day look remains to be seen but some of it will surely find its way to the high street.

Jane Iredale

My Jane Iredale look

Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation in Radiant, £33

Purematte finishing powder, £24

Bronze Bronzing Powder in 1, £27

Flourish Compact (x3), £12

Smooth affair for eyes in Canvas & Lemon, £22

PureBrow Brow Gel in brunette, £16

Retractable Brow Pencil Dark brunette, £17

PureGloss Lipgloss in Hot Cider, £19.95

And guess what? Jane Iredale have given us a 15% off code for all you lovelies – and it works on everything on their site so go, go, go! And type in FTOXINS15 at checkout.



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