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Infographic by Greenpeace

I’m not down with how the United States doesn’t protect their people from nasty chemicals. They allow hundreds of ingredients into cosmetics that the EU has banned like a boss. But they were way ahead of us when it came to microbeads.

While banned in the US, us Britons found these tiny pieces of plastic in our face wash, toothpaste and a whole load of other personal cleansing products.

Having first published this story back in August 2016, we are happy to update you that, as of 9th January 2018, after a really long promise to take action, the UK government have finally banned the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products.

What are microbeads?

They are normally made of polyethylene but can also be made of other petrochemical plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene. These microbeads end up in our  bodies through toothpaste but also by eating seafood that has ingested these microplastics and the toxins that come with them. But it’s not just humans and marine life – a recent study showed that 90% of birds have plastics in their stomachs too. You can understand how birds mistake microbeads for caviar…

You made a difference!

It took the British government over a year to end the use of microbeads and it really was from pressure from the public. It’s so important to remember that every pound you spend is a vote. So vote no to toxins and waste you don’t believe in by refusing to buy it. And, for your exfoliating fix, look out for scrubs that use jojoba beads. These are our favourite budget and bling face scrubs!

Jojoba Bead Face Scrubs

I have been using this scrub twice a week for years because it’s an absolute bargain and I love the smell and how clean my face feels after using it. The best word I can use to describe how it leaves me and my skin feeling is fresh.
But I use this one if I’m feeling particularly baller or am in need of a treat. The essential oils used makes it smell like a spa treatment and the gel transforms into a cream which is just magical (if you’re easily impressed like me).

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