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On any given day (weekday or weekend TBF), I usually go to bed around 11ish and wake up about 7 so I average on a decent 8 hours. – which is good considering how tangry I get – yup, just like hanger, but that rage that comes from being so damn tired.

When I don’t sleep well, I don’t only feel sluggish but I feel depressed. My brain works slower, my poor decision making skills become downright useless and all of my worries seem to double in size.

And, the most annoying thing is that I seem to be incapable of napping. It doesn’t matter how many hours I got (or didn’t get) the night before, I’ll have to wait until the next evening to regain them. But, something that’s helped with my napping skills, and any insomnia in general, have been eye masks.

I sleep wearing one throughout the year (even in winter when it’s darker earlier because I live in the city so it’s still brightish outside) and it’s made such a difference to the quality of my sleep.

And, it makes scientific sense because when your brain senses that your body is in darkness, it’ll start to produce melatonin which is the chemical that helps you relax and sleep. So, by wearing my eye mask, I’m inducing that state, even when I’m struggling to fall asleep.

The National Institute of Sleep also show that wearing a sleep mask (and if you want to be extra, wearing ear plugs too) reduces the time it takes to get to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) part of your sleep. Plus, it helps you stay asleep.

And, I’m pretty lucky because somewhere in my sleep cycle, my sleep mask tends to fall off, allowing cortisol to be released in my body when it senses light. Known as the stress hormone, cortisol is also our natural ‘waking up’ hormone that makes functioning all that much easier.

My tip? Make sure to find a soft mask that doesn’t put any pressure on your eyes on face and get at least two so you can wash them on rotation.

And if you don’t believe me, I also asked co-founder of Clean Beauty Co Elsie Rutterford for her tips for a good night’s kip: ‘Put your devices away an hour before bedtime as blue light from your devices can confuse your body and disrupt its natural Circadian rhythm, resulting in insomnia and bad quality sleep. Bright lights confuse your body into thinking it’s daytime so t’s important to try and seal up as many light sources as possible. But, for those that don’t have light blocking curtains, use a 100% silk eye mask as silk is most gentle on your skin.’

And the Bybi silk eye mask I use is made of 100% raw silk and it’s ethically sourced – because, yeah, most mainstream silk is made essentially by killing silk worms.

Eri(meaning peace) silk and Ahimsa (which translates to ‘non-violence’) silk, however, are both made without sacrificing silk worms as it allows them to crawl or chew their way out of their cocoons after their silk production.

Seriously, the more I learn about the roots of fast fashion and realise how readily available vegan fashion and organic cotton clothes options are now, the more I want to make sure everything I wear/use/own is cruelty-free. Because really, that’ll help me sleep best at night.


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