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Wild Beauty Apothecary was started by Formula Botanica graduate, Yelena and her husband, Dany. Using only the highest quality organic ingredients, each product is lovingly hand made in London.

A common critique of organic beauty products is that they don’t always come in the prettiest of packaging but you can tell that Wild Beauty put as much thought into the design as they did the formulations themselves. I knew that if the Harmony Facial Treatment Set (£87.00) was as good as it looked, I was in for a treat!

Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony Facial Treatment Set

Wild Beauty Apothecary Box copy 2

Can we take a moment to appreciate this box, please?!

Floral Face Steam

I’ve never steamed my face before so I was excited to try out this test tube of floral goodness. The point of steaming is for the water vapour to loosen dirt that is clogging pores and then to sweat to further flush out the pores.

I added the mix of Lavender, Rose, Calendula, Green Tea and essential oils to a large bowl of boiled water and placed a towel over my head to trap the steam and spent about 10/15 minutes under there. Even if it did nothing for my skin, I would have done it for the aromatherapy benefits alone!

I decided to cleanse my skin with a gentle cleanser straight after to get rid of the loose debris. My freshly cleaned pores were ready to absorb all the goodness from the Harmony Rescue Mask.

Wild Apothecary Harmony Rescue Mark

Harmoney Rescue Mask

The first thing I noticed about the Harmony Rescue Mask when I opened the bottle was the scent. Taking the lid off the bottle released an aromatic treat of Yarrow and Lavender. I’m not gonna lie – I just sat there for a few minutes enjoying it. As a certified face mask addict, I’ve tried a lot of them and I think this is the first one to successfully kick start the R&R before a single thing has touched my face.

To make the mask you need to mix a tablespoon of the clay with half a tablespoon of water. I always mix my masks with filtered water or even bottled water (boujee, I know). I would recommend never using unfiltered tap water for masks. You don’t want all those toxins sitting on your face alongside nature’s gifts of Green Clay, Matcha Tea and Willow Bark. As well as an intensive kitchen water filter, I also have a really cheap and easy to install shower filter which you can read about here.

Wild Beauty recommend keeping the mask on for 10 – 15 minutes and to rinse it off before the mask completely dries. To remove it, I massaged my skin with warm water to gently exfoliate before rinsing it off completely. This step made me think of the Tata Harper Clarifying Mask that I love – although it’s definitely got competition now.

After a busy week, this mask left me with super soft and smooth skin. Next time I’m going to add a few drops of the Bloom Oil to the mix for an extra dose of nourishment.

Wild Beauty Apothecary Harmony Bloom Oil

Harmony Bloom Oil

A lot of people are scared of using face oils but there is literally nothing better. As counter-intuitive as it may feel, the right face oil can even help oily skin, I promise! The Harmony Bloom Oil is luxuriously lightweight and absorbs extremely fast. It is full of organically grown plant oils and CO2-extracted Nordic berries. The photo above was taken just a few minutes after I massaged five drops onto my face. My skin was so radiant that I felt like I had already put highlighter on. This meant I got to get on with my day without a touch of makeup.

The best makeup really is great looking skin.

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